205 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065, MelbourneTel; (03) 9042 3448

NOI THAI restaurant

205 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065,


Open: Everyday

From: 5:30 pm till late

Kitchen close: 10:00 pm

*Note. Lunch: Monday to Friday

From 11.30am- 2.30pm

Fully License

BYO. WINE only

Tel; (03) 9042 3448


Noi Thai has been bringing the best of Thai cuisine to the diners of Melbourne for fifteen years, first in Richmond and now in Smith St, Fitzroy. Chef Mang Leungamonphaisan and his team of culinary professionals seek to showcase the exciting dynamism of regional Thai and SE Asian cooking at its very best. Our menu offers a carefully selected presentation of classic Thai dishes from Royal Court cooking and provincial village fare to urban streetfood. These are complemented with a range of less familiar dishes, both old and new, that highlight the dynamic creativity of contemporary Thai food and cooking.

Special Dietary Needs

Noi Thai values our patrons with special dietary requirements. A wide selection of animal-free dishes is listed in the vegan section at the rear of this menu. Other select dishes can be made vegetarian or pescatarian on request. Gluten-free dishes are also widely available and are marked GF in the menu. For other food intolerants, please notify your wait staff and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs. Diners with severe food allergies should be advised that, due to the modest size of our kitchen, we cannot guarantee against residual cross-contamination. There is no MSG used in any of our cooking and we also avoid ingredients with artificial additives.

Spice Levels

Contrary to popular myth, not all Thai food is hot and spicy. Thai cooking is a delicate art and Thais believe each meal should be a careful balance of flavours that enlivens the whole palate: spicy and mild, savoury and sweet, sour and salty. All of our dishes are designed to accent elements of this taste spectrum. However, please feel free to request modified levels of any element when making your order.

Ethics Policy

Noi Thai operates as a values-led restaurant with a commitment to fully ethical business practices. We are dedicated to commercial operations that support people in less fortunate parts of the world and help them to build better futures. Where possible we source our imported goods through fair trade channels to ensure more of the selling price goes to the originating communities. Noi Thai is equally committed to ethical treatment of animals and we try to purchase as much of our produce as possible from suppliers with well-regulated codes of humane farming.

Alcohol License

To best serve the dining needs of our clients, Noi Thai is both BYO and licensed. Customers are free to select from our range of in-house wines and beers, or bring their own wine for a modest $8 per bottle corkage fee. Please note, we are BYO wine only. As per Victorian licensing regulations, inebriated customers will not be served.


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